Colourgen Aims for Operational Excellence

Colourgen aims for operational excellence with transport and warehouse solutions from Bishopsgate Specialist Installations Colourgen was established over 15+ years ago and is now one of the UK’s leading distributors of large format printers and related items. The company has enjoyed controlled expansion over recent years and decided that an overhaul of its supply chain…

Eddie & Dawn

Operations Eddie and Dawn make a great team in Scotland having worked together for too long…well that’s what Dawn says! They complement each other well and understand just what it takes to get things delivered north of the border.

Martin Gorman

Operations Martin is all things to our Warrington Depot. Martin has a fantastic ability to sort everything quickly, quietly and efficiently sometimes under pressured environment. Martin oozes knowledge and experience having worked at Bishopsgate since 1993 and for 40 years in this industry.

Nick Thomson


Where others would run away screaming for help in the face of unforeseen challenges, unflappable Nick is the calm, confident one.  He knows the industry and business inside out when it comes to transportation and seems to possess a 6th sense knowing where each vehicle and driver is at all times.  As an added…

Mark Dowling

Operations Mark’s vision for creating the optimum storage solution has transformed our warehouse depots into state of the art showpieces. With supreme organisation down to the smallest detail, Mark and his team can instantly access information on anything and everything at each facility.

Mandy Thomson

Customer Services Mandy is the “mum” of the team, the rock in the office. Having been the first through the door when Swindon was opened there is nothing she doesn’t know about the Warehouse Management System, the customers product, and the more we challenge Mandy the better she becomes!

Paul Hing

Customer Services

Paul has a computer or calculator for a brain – we’re sure of it. Numbers, spreadsheets, data, formulas, csv files…they’re all part of Paul’s world. His pursuit of accuracy combined with over 20 years in the business keeps the critical documents and paperwork trail ticking along smoothly.

Amanda Hall

Customer Services Amanda is our ray of sunshine, great with colleagues and clients alike. There is nothing she can’t seem to turn her hand to. Her experience and willingness to help means she can pick up anything from a report to a spreadsheet, working tirelessly to finish the job in hand.

Nathan Harvey

Customer Services

Our go-to man Nathan is the most reliable, dependable person you could ever have the fortune of working with. If you need something done, Nathan will get it done. A natural customer-service person, he always keeps things on track to deliver the right results for our customers. A bit of a handyman too on the side so he has a practical bent too. Nathan is the eyes and ears for the sales team.

Tim Bloch

Managing Director

Tim is the glue that keeps everything together. Having worked in specialist logistics since he was 14, there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the business. As well as managing client relationships, Tim keeps in touch with everyone and every process in the company and can even be found in the driving seat of our vehicles, helping at the loading bays or in checking stock in the warehouse.