Rachel Ledger

Customer Services

Rachel joined the team in 2015 and has been a valued and fun member of the team ever since. Rachel takes a methodical approach to her customers to ensure that we are focussed on delivering a great customer experience throughout the delivery journey.

One in a million

On 31st of March our Dutch TENESO Europe SE partner Eijgenhuijsen delivered order number 1,000.000! “Since the implementation of our Transport Management System we are able to track every delivery and we could see delivery number 1,000,000 was getting closer and closer” according to Marcel Reurink, managing director of TENESO’s partner Eijgenhuijsen in Holland. We celebrated this…

Quality is the name of the game

The basis of all success is quality. In the logistics and freight forwarding sector too, uniform standards and a seamlessly defined process chain are absolutely vital. Only when the basics are functioning perfectly can customer expectations be surpassed and added value be created. TENESO Europe SE prides itself on outstanding quality of service and skills in…

Anthony Ward Thomas Atlantic Crossing Rescue


It’s with great sadness that we have to report that Anthony and James were rescued 48 hours ago. The pair were 600 miles into their Atlantic Ocean crossing when Anthony became extremely unwell and needed urgent medical evacuation. Maritime Agency, a 200 metre long bulk carrier called “Angele N” was diverted to collect the pair.…