Ashley Dowling

Customer Services

Ashley is one of our newer members of the team and comes from a retail background managing stores such as Henri Lloyd and The Body Shop. He is our “go to man” for fruity hand sanitizers and hand creams. He is always bright and cheerful within the office bringing a smile to all. This is an exciting new challenge for him and he has settled into his new role really well.

Andrew Frain

Customer Services

Andy has established himself as the man to go to when the job is complex and time consuming. Most of Andy’s customers require specific skill sets and an attention to detail that is ‘above and beyond’ the norm. While to most of us this would be challenging, Andy just takes non standard and…

Lucy Dyson

Customer Services

Lucy has been at Bishopsgate for nearly 3 years, shes dedicated and forward thinking. Lucys mentality and approach to her work lends itself to the demands of the ATM division that Lucy looks after. Lucy recently restored an imported VW camper to an exceptional standard she also recently re homed…

Hakan Tepe

Customer Services

Hakan has worked with Bishopsgate for 3 years and has worked in the industry for over ten. Hakan is unshakable, he approaches his work in a determined fashion and never quits until he has delighted his customer. Hakan loves travelling and is the envy of all the team when he regales us with stories of where…

Rachel Ledger

Customer Services

Rachel joined the team in 2015 and has been a valued and fun member of the team ever since. Rachel takes a methodical approach to her customers to ensure that we are focussed on delivering a great customer experience throughout the delivery journey.

Mandy Thomson

Customer Services Mandy is the “mum” of the team, the rock in the office. Having been the first through the door when Swindon was opened there is nothing she doesn’t know about the Warehouse Management System, the customers product, and the more we challenge Mandy the better she becomes!

Paul Hing

Customer Services

Paul has a computer or calculator for a brain – we’re sure of it. Numbers, spreadsheets, data, formulas, csv files…they’re all part of Paul’s world. His pursuit of accuracy combined with over 20 years in the business keeps the critical documents and paperwork trail ticking along smoothly.

Amanda Hall

Customer Services Amanda is our ray of sunshine, great with colleagues and clients alike. There is nothing she can’t seem to turn her hand to. Her experience and willingness to help means she can pick up anything from a report to a spreadsheet, working tirelessly to finish the job in hand.

Nathan Harvey

Customer Services

Our go-to man Nathan is the most reliable, dependable person you could ever have the fortune of working with. If you need something done, Nathan will get it done. A natural customer-service person, he always keeps things on track to deliver the right results for our customers. A bit of a handyman too on the side so he has a practical bent too. Nathan is the eyes and ears for the sales team.

Tim Bloch

Managing Director

Tim is the glue that keeps everything together. Having worked in specialist logistics since he was 14, there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the business. As well as managing client relationships, Tim keeps in touch with everyone and every process in the company and can even be found in the driving seat of our vehicles, helping at the loading bays or in checking stock in the warehouse.