Fulfilling for all

What happens at each step in the freight forwarding and logistics process is dependent on what’s gone before. Working backwards from the moment the client takes ownership of a delivery, there are considerations for installation, transport, despatch, configuration, storage… there’s a long list.

When a freight forwarder can not only secure a fast and financially advantageous arrangement, but also knows exactly what to do next, it’s more than a forwarding service. It’s business improvement.





Seamless, secure, supply chain

Weighing up options for freight forwarders can often provide little comparison. After all, the goods are the same. The difference has to be in the service and the speed. As the supply chain becomes more complicated, it’s easier to lose clarity, time or even visibility of goods with more handovers.

An effective supply chain is one that controls costs, protects assets and drives value up. So when the goods arrive at the forwarding destination, the next challenge begins. That’s where a hi-tech specialist transport business comes into its own. When goods can always be traced and with the oversight of experienced staff, accuracy is assured.

Need to something door to door? We’ll see to it personally. We’ll even get it installed if you need us to.

I just wanted to express my appreciation to Bishopsgate and all it’s management, back office staff, warehouse personnel and driving crews for all their work and effort on behalf of the UK Schneider ITB and our end customers since taking us on as a customer in May. Under difficult circumstances and tight time frames you have met and indeed exceeded our expectations.

Schneider Electric - Cyril Flynn, UKL & IEL Logistics Manager