Precious cargo – scanner success for Bishopsgate Specialist Installations

What weighs almost 7.6 tonnes, comes in eight separate sections, and is worth more than one million dollars? And how do you move, deliver and install such a beast? That was the recent challenge facing Brian Field, project manager for Bishopgate Specialist Installations.

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Working together in partnership with Riso

RISO is a leading global manufacturer of high quality printers and offers smart high-speed, high-volume print solutions to a wide variety of clients in diverse markets all around the world. Bishopsgate have partnered Riso for several years in providing both a Transport and Warehouse end to end solution.

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UK Exhibition support for TENESO Italy

I was reminded of a conversation that I had recently when I was asked, “What is the largest product that you have ever moved?” Thinking of the recent past, I replied that we had helped at an exhibition and a prestigous product launch of the new Fiat 500 in central London for TENESO Italy. He said to me, “I know the model you mean…but they are not that big are they?”

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Britains first privately owned charging station for Electric Cars

From Holland to the UK. Britains first privately owned charging station for Electric Cars. The then Minister of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, gave a boost to low emission motoring by visiting Retford to unveil the UK’s first privately owned rapid charging station for Electric Vehicles.

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Cash Counters to Paddington Station

Delivering to some sites can raise their own individual challenges; especially when there are lots of people milling around in public areas. This particular delivery that Bishopsgate completed recently to Paddington Station, presented the crew with a challenge of keeping all their activities to areas where it was safe to do so.

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CT Scanner from Italy to the UK

There were no fireworks at The Nuffield Health, Brighton Hospital this past November 5th, when TENESO Europe SE executed a challenging specialist delivery of a GE CT scanner. Mitsafetrans & Bishopsgate teamed up and collaborated successfully to complete this placement and final positioning of this two ton scanner that had come direct from Italy on behalf of Alliance Medical.

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