Delivering to some sites can raise their own individual challenges; especially when there are lots of people milling around in public areas. This particular delivery that Bishopsgate completed recently to Paddington Station, presented the crew with a challenge of keeping all their activities to areas where it was safe to do so. This was carried out in conjunction with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement, which was completed by Bishopsgate prior to the installation.

The first step was to set up an exclusion zone around the tail lift activity area, by deploying traffic cones and ensuring the area was marshalled at all times when the tail lift was being operated. When moving the equipment across the main concourse to the goods lift, Bishopsgate deployed walkers/marshals, one in front and one behind. These measures provided the extra pairs of eyes to reduce the risk of collision. With most of the public rushing around having just departed their trains or rushing to catch a train, our additional personnel were there to alert anyone who was at risk of crossing into our path.



Once the equipment was safely in the basement of Paddington Station, it was moved along the corridors. Bishopsgate crew unpacked, depalletised and took the TCR into the required room. Under the direction of the client the crew positioned the cash counters, removed the travelling bolts allowing the machine to be fully installed.  Bishopsgate then removed all of the packaging from site, along with the moving tackle and returned back up to the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station.

Did they see the bear? I will have to ask the crew but given that their focus was elsewhere, I suspect not


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