Bishopsgate Specialist Installations has been acquired by Elanders Group, a Swedish publicly listed company which offers global supply chain management solutions. Elanders Group operate in more than 20 countries across the world and employs more than 7000 people.

The Board of Ward Thomas Removals Limited, part of The Master Removers Group (MRG), received an offer earlier in 2023 and recognising what a good fit and positive opportunity it represented for the Bishopsgate business, customers, and employees, accepted it.

Ward Thomas Removals Limited bought Bishopsgate in 2007 and have played a key part in it becoming the market leader in UK technical two-man, final mile, white glove, delivery, and installation today. A crucial factor in the deal is Elanders wish to retain all existing Bishopsgate staff and senior Management including Tim Bloch who has been at the helm since 2007.

Tim Bloch commented “Since 2007 I have been privileged to lead an excellent team of people who have supported me in delivering continual growth along with improving customer service to a long-standing blue-chip customer base across five different sectors delivering services including warehousing, stock control, refurbishment, Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), and other added value solutions.

He added; “I am excited to lead the business into its next chapter with the significant opportunities which being a part of such a prestigious group will bring to the business and its employees as well being able to offer Elanders current customers our solution. I see the change as beneficial to existing customers by retaining the current service and management whilst bringing further specialist logistic expertise and financial stability from Elanders, a publicly listed global logistics player.


Bishopsgate customise their offering to each customer’s needs within a lean environment using the latest computer technology to provide a transparent logistic supply chain, utilising EDI links with customers proprietary software to receive instruction and reverting regularly with status updates at every stage of each transaction. Elanders cited this continual improvement in system driven communication as well as Bishopsgate’s unsurpassed customer service standards, as one of the significant differentiators of Bishopsgate.

Additionally, Elanders noted how strong its customer relationships are and how well positioned Bishopsgate is to provide support in the UK to global businesses across multiple sectors.

On a day-to-day basis it is very much business as usual for Bishopsgate albeit under new ownership. There will be the new addition of a Finance department, previously supported by MRG at group level, which will align with authority level delegation from Elanders.

The MRG Board are proud to have been a part of the Bishopsgate journey for the past 16 years. As well as thanking everyone involved especially the loyal Bishopsgate customers and staff, they would like to wish the Bishopsgate employees and the new owners, Elanders, their best wishes. Charles Rickards FD commented “I know the business is safe with the existing team and with the new owners bringing financial strength and good track record I am confident it will continue to go from strength to strength.


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