We were asked by an enlightened Army Officer from the local military base if we could help provide a wider perspective of logistics from a private company together with a commercial insight that may assist these young recruit’s further development of their careers.

It was felt that it would be greatly beneficial to see another perspective on how things are managed and would directly help towards the continuous professional development for these soldier-logisticians.

This small military logistic supply depot specialise in the provision of healthcare supplies across the world. While Bishopsgate focus is on UK & Ireland final mile and on larger items, their reach was far greater with humanitarian logistics and disaster zones a real feature of where they operate. And at short notice too.

It was a very fulfilling experience for The Bishopsgate Team who took the time out of their day to show them how we do things and we managed to give them a completely different perspective on how our organisation works.

Tracy Halliday from The Army said, “I just want to say thank you very much for hosting our Troops it was greatly appreciated. I am really happy the visit went well. I can tell you our guys and girls really benefitted from the insight, giving them a wider knowledge of how external organisations do their normal day to day business”

John Winter added, “It was an absolute privilege to meet up with these young soldier logisticians. I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact that they had on our staff as their sheer professionalism shone through. We hope to now foster and build on this relationship as there may be other training opportunities for both of us in the future”

A great visit and really enjoyed by all of us.


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