As premium providers of white glove delivery services, our team here at Bishopsgate have delivered high-quality, unrivalled delivery capabilities to clients from a wide range of industries to date. The question is, what is white glove service, and how can it benefit your enterprise? 


What does white glove delivery service mean?


Named after the traditional white gloves worn by movers and shippers in times gone by, white glove delivery services are now commonly defined as delivery services that are ‘marked by special care or attention’. In today’s culture, white glove delivery refers to a wide range of high-quality services provided by logistics companies to increase the chances that products always reach clients in pristine condition.

White glove delivery services should especially aim to provide deliveries that go above and beyond standard expectations to provide organisations with a competitive advantage, increased retention rates, and much more. The ability to tailor personalised delivery services with white glove providers is proving especially essential for ensuring competitive advantage in an age where as many as 20% of consumers are willing to pay more for personalised offerings alone.

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What does white glove service include?


The most basic of white glove delivery services should involve the pick-up and drop-off of specified delivery items during pre-determined delivery slots directly to chosen rooms or areas. This minimises heavy lifting or hassle for the client, thus ensuring that products arrive in the good condition inherently guaranteed by white glove service in general.

However, far from simply understanding what is white glove service in this most fundamental of ways, any organisation looking to ensure the best possible delivery partnership should also consider the extra services that truly stand to provide a unique selling point (USP) worth paying for. Here at Bishopsgate, for example, we pride ourselves on providing a premium white glove two-man delivery and assembly service that offers unrivalled customer experiences through inclusions such as –


  • Predetermined delivery slots
  • Phone calls at least an hour before arrival
  • Live delivery tracking
  • Employed two-man delivery installation teams across the UK and Ireland
  • Installation of assembly of product
  • Removing and disposing of all packaging
  • Repackaging items for return
  • And much more


As well as helping to save significant costs over trying to handle deliveries in-house, these additional services are sure signs of competitive advantage against even the adapting delivery services of your competitors. With fast, efficient deliveries and quality service, in particular, increasing the chances of customer retention rates, just a 5% increase of which could lead to profitability increases as high as 95%, it’s hardly surprising that white glove services are fast becoming some of the most adopted forms of reliable delivery currently utilised across the globe.

Benefits of white glove delivery service?


As mentioned, faster delivery turnarounds and USPs like unpacking services are significantly driving the client retention that competing companies can no longer afford to compromise on, but the benefits of white glove delivery services don’t end there. In fact, when it comes to considering why exactly white glove services are enjoying such high levels of success across all sectors right now, it’s plain to see that just a few of the pressing reasons include –


  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced risks of damage, theft, or loss
  • Guaranteed deliveries first time
  • Added service value through same-day delivery/reliability/etc.
  • Cost-efficient delivery solutions
  • And more


The fact that white glove delivery services free up external expertise is also worth an honourable mention in this sense, with companies who utilise this service far better able to free the time and funds necessary to perfect external focuses including product development, marketing, and more. This notable benefit, alongside the others mentioned, is therefore likely to result in a far better standing in even competitive markets that, for some companies right now, can seem like a hurdle that’s impossible to work past.

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Bishopsgate bring the benefits of white glove service to your door


By offering enhanced white glove services to a range of clients across industries that include IT, healthcare, retail, and business, our team here at Bishopsgate ensure seamless deliveries that create standout reputations. Whether you’ve been struggling with in-house deliveries or impersonal outsourced couriers until now, our tailored and refined UK and European delivery offerings are sure to exceed both your expectations and those of your clients with a personalised, measured approach to deliveries that don’t disappoint no matter your unique requirements. To get an idea of precisely what we can do for you, simply get in touch with a member of our team to start discussing your options today.


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