What distinguishes businesses that thrive from those that ultimately perish on the market? At Bishopsgate, we firmly believe that the key factor is value and specifically, the level of value that businesses provide to their customers.

It is important for businesses to explore how value is defined and how clients or customers define value. Success here will result in more support from customers who are keen to utilise businesses that deliver the high levels of value they desire.

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At Bishopsgate, we add value to our service in a variety of ways including:


  • Customer support in the office as well as on the road
  • A full range of services for clients to choose from
  • Reduced costs
  • High levels of flexibility designed to support peak periods as well as lows
  • An IT support solution that works within specific systems


We firmly believe our white glove delivery service can be used to provide the extra value your customers want. Let’s explore why value is important and how to achieve this goal.

Keep Customers Coming Back


A key reason to deliver value to your customers is that it will ensure they continuously return to your company and provide you with the fantastic word of mouth you need. This will allow you to expand your customer base and improve your brand’s reputation.

Reputation is key for any business to guarantee successful levels of growth. To ensure customers want to use your service repeatedly, you must take into account their feedback. At Bishopsgate, we provide an option for customers to complete a 5 question survey with our white glove service. This explores key variables including their overall experience and their interaction with team members. It shows clear evidence that customers are being listened to.


Setting High Expectations


Customers always have high expectations, particularly when it comes to deliveries of products and goods. They want to guarantee the products they order are delivered on time with a high level of flexibility to meet their requirements. They also want to ensure their products are delivered in impeccable condition. This is why 20% of consumers are willing to pay more for personalised offerings. They want to ensure the service they pay for matches their levels of expectations.

Our white glove delivery service can guarantee this because it delivers the personalised support they are looking for on the market. Basic white glove services should include the drop-off and collection of items during pre-determined delivery slots. But our company goes further than this to ensure we provide the key unique selling points clients expect.

Delivering Unrivalled Customer Experience 


Businesses will always be facing a lot of competition on the market. It is vital that you provide a solution which exceeds expectations and surpasses your competitors in crucial forms. 

Our solution is designed around the specific requirements of the end user whether it’s a delivery of a home appliance into a room or a hospital receiving lifesaving medical supplies. Every delivery using our white glove service is treated with the same level of care and importance. In doing so, we can show clients that their business always matters, regardless of the sector that they are part of. 

The best customer experience will also guarantee that customers have a lot of choice in terms of how they order and purchase different products or services. White glove solutions are key to achieve this goal with a fully personalised solution based around end-user needs. They have the power to customise their delivery however they want or need. 

Forming A First-Class Reputation 


Businesses must always strive for the best reputation. Don’t forget, more than 80% of customers admit that they won’t commit to the purchase of a product or service online without checking the reviews first. A single bad review could have a ripple effect which causes you to lose a large number of potential sales. Customer reviews often are tied to the standard of delivery for a product or service. 

Our service is highly rated and considered one of the top two man service solutions available in the UK and Europe. Customers can use white glove delivery services to improve their overall reputation. In recent years, the expectations in the UK market for deliveries have increased significantly. The e-commerce sector has also increased dramatically due to the requirements of the COVID pandemic, and this has led to specialist requirements from customers. They want goods delivered unpacked with packaging fully removed. They also want their products to be delivered as quickly as possible in a delivery slot which matches their own personal schedule.

At Bishopsgate we can cater to these requirements completely and ensure that deliveries are completed without delay while meeting the expectations of our clients. We also offer additional services such as returns and storage to ensure that customers can always get exactly what they need, regardless of their unique requirements. 

We hope this helps you understand the importance of delivering value in your business model. By using solutions such as our white glove delivery services, business owners can guarantee that they do exceed client expectations with a solution that is fully personalised to match their needs. It’s also important to be aware that there is a demand for this level of customisation and personalisation on the market when it comes to deliveries. Customers are even willing to pay more for their delivery services to ensure that they are handled the right way. Essentially, they want their items on item and without any quality concerns. 

If you are interested in learning more about the services and the solutions that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today. A friendly member of our team will be able to provide all the information you need and discuss the options available to you.


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