“Yesterday you delivered four fireproof cabinets to us at the University of Central Lancashire.

I just wanted to let you that your delivery staff were fabulous – friendly, professional, good-humoured and uncomplaining (despite small lifts and delivery to 4th floor!). I can’t thank them enough.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get either of their names but I would be grateful if you would pass on thanks on behalf of myself and the University.”

Preston Delivery

High praise was received from a customer for our crew delivering to a power station in Somerset:
“The two guys who delivered to our site today were outstanding professionals, with us being a nuclear power station things can prove difficult to get done and in the correct manner but this did not phase them and they completed the job to a very high standard. Thank you

Powerful Praise

A Hampshire customer completed our survey with full marks after his Bishopsgate delivery was received in June and wrote:

“The guys were fantastic and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them in future”

Hampshire Delivery

The customer had this to say about the Bishopsgate crew alongside his 5/5 rating for a safe delivery to Lancashire:

“I was very impressed by this delivery as it was quite late in the evening but the delivery team took their time in carefully accessing the premises and ensuring the item was in good condition and in the correct place”

Customer Safe Delivery

Bishopsgate completed another successful delivery in Oxfordshire during June, and our customer’s customer took the trouble to thank us for an excellent delivery, giving a top rating of 5 out of 5 and adding her comment:

“I was very pleased how Bishopsgate handled an awkward delivery. Unfortunately we had some building work going on and they were very good and helpful getting the large parcels over an obstacle course and into the garden. Thank you”

Delivery in Oxfordshire

I just wanted to express my appreciation to Bishopsgate and all it’s management, back office staff, warehouse personnel and driving crews for all their work and effort on behalf of the UK Schneider ITB and our end customers since taking us on as a customer in May.

Under difficult circumstances and tight time frames you have met and indeed exceeded our expectations.
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Schneider ElectricCyril Flynn
UKL & IEL Logistics Manager

I wouldn’t usually complete this kind of survey – but the level of service provided was such that I felt I had to reply. Often when delivery companies turn up they just want to drop their package and get away – on this occasion they not only took the time to deliver but also waited and helped to ensure I was entirely happy with the placement of what was a large and heavy delivery.

It made a refreshing change and I’d like to thank Bishopsgate and your staff for their efforts.

It was much appreciated.

Taking the extra time

I was very impressed with Ricky and Rokas when they came to our school to make a delivery. Ours is a brand new school and as such we have had dozens of deliveries over the last two weeks. Ricky and Rokas were the only delivery crew that unpacked and placed the item where we wanted it but then also checked and tested it to make sure it was functioning properly, even then taking the time to show me how to work it. Both gentlemen were friendly and polite, with a gentle sense of humour and both were neatly and cleanly attired.

Thank you again, Ricky and Rokas, it really makes a difference!

Not so old school…

Yesterday I recieved a delivery orchestrated by Max and Gareth…they outshone the product that I received

A more efficient and personable duo one could not wish to meet, they battled with crazy traffic including a bin wagon all with good grace, it takes a lot to make me laugh at eight o’clock in the morning but this pair set me up for the day, they should take this act on the road.

These guy’s are a credit to the company And I should know as over the course of five months renovating this house I’ve come up against some corkers… these guys have an open invitation to park their truck, get their traffic cones out, show the bin men who’s boss and have a cuppa tea ANY TIME!

I have contacted the company that I bought the goods from heaping praise I trust they will act accordingly.

The house belongs to my daughter, she was most concerned about this delivery, a big cheer went up in The Falkland’s…Max and Gareth have gone global.

Cheers from a very satisfied customer XX

Max & Gareth’s priase goes global!

The Finer Intricacies of Telecommunication Racks

Please could you pass on my thanks to all at Bishopsgate who have been involved in the BT/HE retro-fit door programme.

As usual your guys will go through hell & high water to get the job done, without this commitment shown I have no doubt we would have a lot more aborted deliveries than we actually had.

Thanks once again to all for your support which is very much appreciated.


Comment from Bishopsgate MD Tim Bloch;

“It is always rewarding to receive such praise for our work, but this is great to hear especially as this project was more demanding than just a straightforward delivery. It required our highly trained crew members to work on live telecommunication cabinets and change parts in situ, a very intricate job.

Well done to the whole team!”



Leading Telecommunications Equipment SupplierPhilip

Going those extra steps…

We had Ricky and Mark from your Park Royal, London depot here to collect a large safe this morning.  I needed help moving another even larger safe up some steps to a different room and asked for their help. Just to say they were really helpful and moved it for me without any bother at all – a big pat on the back for them! We would have been stuck without them as we don’t even have a trolley on site, so thank you guys for going the extra mile.

Shine GroupRose Murphy

First floor delivery and too big for the lift…no problem

We had a cabinet delivered earlier today and the Special Instructions on the delivery note specified “to be unpacked and positioned on the ground floor”.  When the crew arrived, I asked them if they could deliver and position the cabinet onto the first floor of the building, instead. The cabinet would not fit in the lift and many drivers would have turned around and taken it back to where it came from.  However, the two drivers who delivered the cabinet swiftly carried the 135 kg cabinet – no mean feat! – up two flights of stairs and installed it in position in record time.  They wouldn’t even stop for a cup of tea” Well done to them and thanks for a splendid service.

Henshaws Society for Blind PeopleJanet Garrod